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From Valley to the MountaintopA Heartfelt Message from Precious

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters!

I am excited to share the testimony of my life with you. I attended college and earned a graduate degree to solve the world’s complex problems and to earn a living so as not to be a financial burden to anyone. I have worked for over decade in industry and have enjoyed every second of it. I believe that everything we are and everything God has given us is an opportunity for ministry. At work, I am a light, having even atheists asking me to pray for them. I am often in prayer while working. I believe very strongly in prayer. I depend on God and on Jesus for wisdom to do my work exceptionally well.

I’m a big believer in family as a ministry: that I need to put as much effort (prayer and mind transformation in Jesus) in my marriage and parenting as I do at work. Actually, more. For this is the first ministry God has given me. I am not perfect yet but by God’s grace, getting closer and closer to His image daily.

I have been rescued from a life of destruction for more than 15 years. My mind was full of resentment and unforgiveness towards loved ones who were deliberating hurting other loved ones and towards those I observed treating vulnerable people so wickedly in the world. I thought I had a right to judge them. Now, I know I do not. I now understand how pouring God’s love into others, praying for them and speaking truth to them is the best way to get them to see the light, and to ensure that I myself am forgiven by God.

I believe in love, peace, joy, patience, hard work, and that poverty is NOT a sin. I believe that there are more fake pastors, fake preachers, and fake “Christians” than true ones. The way is narrow as the Lord said. I hope to use my books to help those searching for truth and redemption to differentiate between Christ’s disciples and non-disciples. I believe that any pastor who coerces you to give them money is fraudulent. I do not believe in prosperity preaching. I do not know of a single passage of scripture where Christ asked directly for money from His followers. I believe in giving but not in coerced or manipulated giving.

If you love truth, the Lord, growing and you hate how most of the world is going; if you believe in healthy relationships and lives, you will love me and I you.

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With sisterly love,


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From Valley to the Mountaintop

From Valley to the Mountaintop